1.- si no te gustan los números

2.- si solo quieres ganar dinero (ésto sirve para todo)

3.- si no te gusta estudiar mucho

4.- poco trabajo para ingenieros, y muy poco para ingenieros sin experiencia -> o te metes en consultoría o tienes tres salidas: por tierra, por mar, y por aire..

5.- poco ambiente universitario


What a difference 60 years makes


ARM GCC Cross Compilation in Visual Studio | Visual C++ Team Blog

In Visual Studio 2017 15.5 Preview 2 we are introducing support for cross compilation targeting ARM microcontrollers. To enable this in the installation choose the Linux development with C++ workload and select the option for Embedded and IoT Development. This adds the ARM GCC cross compilation tools and Make to your installation.

Our cross compilation support uses our Open Folder capabilities so there is no project system involved. We are using the same JSON configuration files from other Open Folder scenarios and have added additional options to support the toolchains introduced here. We hope that this provides flexibility for many styles of embedded development. The best way to get started with this and understand the capabilities is with a project exported from the ARM mbed online compiler. We’ll cover the basics here, to learn more about the online compiler see ARM’s tutorials, and you can sign up for an account here.

ARM’s online compiler lets you select your target platform and configures your project accordingly.

Microsoft soportando Linux y los procesadores ARM.. algo está cambiando..

ARM GCC Cross Compilation in Visual Studio | Visual C++ Team Blog


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